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Accurate GNSS-based Synchronization in new Telecommunication Networks

«Poor understanding of network timing can create big risks for organisations, especially if they’re managing critical infrastructures that nations rely on»

Guy Buesnel, PNT security technologist – October 7-th, 2020

ROOT wants to experimentally assess the benefit introduced by Galileo authenticated signals in the specific context of the synchronization of 5G telecommunication networks

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The ROOT project is funded by the European GNSS Agency (now European Union Space Programme AgencyEUSPA) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under Grant Agreement n. 101004261.

Project Objectives

Reference 5G Architecture

Increase the resilience of telecom networks, proposing enhanced synchronization architectures for 5G networks 

Interference countermeasures

Assess performance of new multi-frequency Galileo receivers, OSNMA enabled, to monitor intentional interference

Prevent network cyberattacks

Experimentally assess secure solutions able to mitigate specific cyberattacks to the distribution of time synch over the network

Experimental test campaign

Quantify improvements introduced by reliable synch mechanisms built upon the combination of OSNMA and secure network synch distribution

Business perspectives

Launch a successful market entry of the ROOT solution

Increased awareness

Foster the introduction of Galileo OSNMA for the synchronization of the next generation of telecommunication networks

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