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Septentrio, partner of the ROOT project and manufacturer of high-accuracy GNSS receivers, published on its website an interesting in-depth news on the new Galileo OSNMA feature. The article provides the reader with some information about how OSNMA-enabled GNSS receivers can play a major role in mitigating jamming and spoofing attacks.


As shown in the figure (from the Septentrio website), during a spoofing attack, modified GPS/GNSS data is sent into the target receiver, fooling it into showing a wrong location. Septentrio highlights the fact that ” … OSNMA is one component of a vast array of technologies that protect GNSS receivers from interference. Both jamming and spoofing are a type of radio interference, which happen when weak GNSS signals are overpowered by stronger radio signals on the same frequency. Jamming is a kind of “white noise” interference, causing accuracy degradation or even loss of positioning.”

The following figure graphically shows how the ” …OSNMA-enabled receiver uses a public key to check the authenticity of the transmitted key. It then uses the transmitted key and the digital signature to check the authenticity of the navigation data. If a satellite signal is flagged as spoofed, it is excluded from the positioning calculation.”


The full news is available on the Septentrio website.

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