ROOT Test Campaign

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The ROOT project aims to test and to validate its solution in the realistic scenario of a 5G network. Telefonica, LINKS, Septentrio, 7Sol and Polito are involved in the design and setup of this extensive test campaign. The researchers are looking to confirm the validity of the ROOT approach, to assess its limits and extract conclusions regarding the value proposition of the project. All the activities will be carried on in the Telefonica test facilities in Madrid.

The first step of this long process is the setup of a testbed in the labs of the LINKS Foundation in Torino, Italy. The purpose of this testbed is to expose the ROOT solution to some possible attacks. Specifically, the testbed will emulate the GNSS setup of a single network node exploiting the ROOT solution. The LINKS researchers from the Satellite Navigation Area and from the Cybersecurity Area will use this setup to experimentally test the ROOT solution in a realistic scenario. The testbed has been designed to be scalable, flexible and reconfigurable. It will allow ROOT partners to analyse the attack vectors and countermeasures based on Trusted Computing principles in a controlled and legal framework. After this first initial batch of preliminary tests, the campaign will continue in the Telefonica labs in Madrid.


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