High Accuracy Time Distribution in Telecom: Why and Where?

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Benoit Rat from Seven Solutions (now Orolia, read the news), presented the secure timing solution developed in the framework of the ROOT project at the International Timing and Sync Forum (ITFS) 2021 – Brighton (UK), on 1-4 November 2021.

Combining multiple GNSS with high accurate timing distribution is the best approach to address potential vulnerabilities of both technologies in a robust and global solution. 

Benoit Rat, ITSF 2021 – Brighton (UK)

To ensure failing-over, the next network timing source the GNSS receiver should implement best-in-class algorithms to handle a fast and reliable Spoofing, Meaconing and Jamming detection system such as OSNMA detection. The objective of ROOT project is to perform malicious attacks on a reference 5G architecture at Telefonica Technology and Automation Labs and prove that integrating the best-in-class GNSS receiver, i.e. the Septentrio Mosaic-T, within the Seven Solution’s WR-Z16 device that handles PTP-HA (White Rabbit) is the perfect approach to provide a distributed and robust timing solution for telecom networks.

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