New Tests on the ROOT Solution at Telefonica Labs

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New Tests on the ROOT Solutions were held in Madrid.

In the second week of March (14-18), the ROOT Team was hosted at the Telefonica Technology and Automation LAB in Madrid for the second batch of tests. We tested the ROOT solution not only against GNSS spoofing, meaconing, and jamming attacks but also against cyber-attacks. Partners are now analyzing the collected measurements and outcomes. At first glance, the results are definitely promising. Stay tuned for further insights!

In the images, the ROOT researcher, Benoit Rat from Orolia, is managing the ROOT Timing Network during the test campaign. Orolia WR-Z16, embedding Sepentrio’s Mosaic-T receiver, guarantees the time synchronization among the nodes through the accurate GNSS-disciplined Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) signal. Thanks to the White Rabbit PTP protocol, such a timing reference can be transferred to other nodes that cannot benefit from a reliable GNSS timing source. The continuous monitoring of the output PPSs, foreseen in the ROOT test campaign, allowed the team to identify radio-frequency and cyber-security attacks against the timing network, and to assess its capability of keeping high-accuracy synchronization. 


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