Short Videos

The ROOT Jamming Test Demo has been presented at the Project Final Workshop in Prague (Czech Republic) on the 1st of September.

4. ROOT Jamming Test Demo (Madrid)

Dr. Alex Minetto (Researcher at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications) presents a demo test about a wideband jamming attack against multiple network nodes. Look how the combination of the Septentrio Mosaic-T and the WR-PTP nodes allows to keep 2 ns synchronization during the attack!

3. ROOT Test Campaign (Madrid)

Dr. Marco Pini (ROOT’s Project Coordinator) drives us in the process for the experimental validation of the ROOT solution against malicious timing attacks. The ROOT metodology allowed to assess the actual benefits introduced by spoofing countermeasures implemented in SoA receivers.

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2. ROOT Testbed Overview at Telefonica (Madrid)

Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo (Technology Expert at Global CTIO unit in Telefonica) introduces the facilities of the Telefonica Technology and Automation LAB hosting the test campaign of the ROOT project.

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1. ROOT Project Overview at LINKS Foundation (Turin)

Are you curious about the objectives of the ROOT project? ROOT project researcher, Dr. Alex Minetto from Politecnico di Torino, presents ROOT in this short video.

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ROOT’s Featured Research Papers and Scientific Contributions

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[5] [Presentation only] Pini, M., Minetto, A., Nemry, P., Rat, B., Contreras Murillo L. M.,, De Francesca I., Margaria D., Vesco A., Berbecaru, Callewaert, Dovis, Lioy Protection of GNSS-based Synchronization in Communication Networks: The ROOT Project

[6] Minetto, A., Polidori B. D., Pini, M., Dovis, F., Investigation on the actual robustness of GNSS-based timing distribution under meaconing and spoofing interferences

Project Brochure

Press Release

Download the first version of the ROOT Project Press Release

Reference Documents

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