ROOT Experimental Tests Review

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On the 5th of May, the ROOT Team met in Madrid at Telefonica premises for a highly significant milestone of the project, the Experimental Tests Review (ETR).

LINKS introduced the objectives of the ETR and the status of the project. Orolia recapped the development of the GNSS-enabled synch network device, i.e., the ROOT solution, and the deployment of the experimental test bench at Telefonica lab. Politecnico di Torino presented the results related to GNSS intentional interference and cyber-attacks against the timing network and contextually the related network countermeasures. During the meeting, the EUSPA Project Officer, Valeria Catalano, and one of the reviewers had the opportunity to visit the ROOT test bench in the Telefonica Automation and Innovation Lab. The ETR was successfully achieved, thus launching the project toward its Final Event, which will mark the end of the ROOT activities.

Our thanks to Swabian Instruments, which provided us with a fundamental component for the test setup, the Time Tagger Ultra 20 shown in the picture.  The tagger allowed the ROOT researchers and operators to concurrently keep track of the alignment of timing signals across the network nodes, while logging any time offset occurring due the attacks.

18 Channel Swabian Time Tagger Ultra 20.


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